Carlos Lopez



Kru Carlos Lopez has over 26 years of experience in the martial arts community and has been known to be a highly decorative fighter and coach in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Kru Carlos Lopez has been in Martial arts since the age of 5 years old and had his first fight at the age of 8. Carlos was promoted to a black belt in 1997 under President Master Hong of TKDA. Carlos then began his Muay Thai career in 2006.

Muay Thai Professional Record 4-5-0

  • 2013 Petchbuncha Stadium Champion 140lbs
  • 2014 WKA Pro Full Rules Muay Thai South Eastern Regional Champion 140lbs
  • Lion Fight Muay Thai Contender 2014
  • Glory Kickboxing Contender 2015

Muay Thai Amateur Record 13-0-0 (TKO: 5, KO: 3)

  • 2010 Operation Octagon Muay Thai Champion
  • 2010 TCB Muay Thai Champion
  • 2010 WKA National Muay Thai Champion Novice Division
  • 2011 WKA USA Muay Thai Champion
  • 2012 WKA National Muay Thai Champion Open Division
  • 2012 WKA World Muay Thai Champion
  • 2012 TCB Muay Thai Champion

MMA Amateur Record 1-2-0